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  • Product Name: What is Maintenance of Pipe Threading Machine

Maintenance of Pipe Threading Machine


● Turn the master switch to the position of “OFF”, or unplug the power when machine is checked and maintained.

● Shell of our Pipe Threading Machine is cast with a whole piece of aluminum alloy, its reduction gearbox keeps lubricating permanently. Donot impact the shell violently.

● Cooling oil system: clean the oil filter disk and oil suction filter disk after running for 8-12 hours. Clean the oil tank and refill it if the oil inside is dirty or turns black.

● Small iron filings may fall into the oil tank when threading, it is therefore essential to clean the filter disk once a week to keep the machine in order.

● Check the cutter wheel each once a week, replace it when it is blunt.  

● Check the attrition of the Chuck Jaw Inserts once a month. If the Chuck Jaw Inserts are worn, replace them(three each set) to ensure to produce threads of high quality.

● Clean Die Head and Die every shift. Check if the teeth of Die are broken, if they are, remove the cuttings between teeth; if the Die has already been broken, replace a set of Die instead of the broken one.

● There are two oil cups on the shell of main shaft, oil at least twice each shift to be lubricated the fore and rear bearing.

● Unplug the power when the machine is not in use, coat corrosion resistant oil on both fore and rear guideposts and other working surface. Store it in dry ventilated place.

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