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  • Product Name: Hydraulic Plastic Pipe Butt Fusion Welding Machine




♦ Suitable for butt welding plastic pipes and fittings made of PE, PP and PVDF.
♦  Removable PTFE coated heating plate with high accurate temperature control system
♦  Electrical planing tool
♦  Be made of lightweight and high strength material; simple structure, small and delicate, user friendly
♦  Low starting pressure ensures reliable welding quality of small pipe
♦ Changeable welding position enables to weld various fittings more easily

  High accurate and shockproof pressure meter indicates clearer readings

  Separate two-channel timer records time in soaking and cooling phase






Model No SD-160H-4 SD-200H-4 SD-250H-4 SD-315H-4 SD-450H-4 SD-630H-4 SD-800H-4
Welding Range 50-16 50-200 90-250 90-315 280-450 315-630 500-800
Max. Temperature of Heating Plate 270℃
Temperature Error ±3 ±5
Pressure Adjustable Range 0-6.3Mpa 0-8.0Mpa 0-10.0Mpa
Sealing Deviation ≤ 0.2mm ≤ 0.3mm ≤ 0.5mm
Voltage 220V 380V
Total Power 3.35kW 3.65kW 3.95kW 5.35kW 8.38kW 12.35kW 15.1kW



Picture of Machine

Hydraulic Pipe Butt Fusion Welding MachineHydraulic Pipe Butt Fusion Welding Machine



Package and Delivery


1. Package: In plywood cases.

2. Delivery time: Within 15-30 working days after receipt of payment.

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